Roasting Box Promotion, September 2007

In addition to our traditional Louisiana food catering services, is proud to make available to the public since 2000 the most traditional and authentic “Cajun Microwave” available for purchase. The Cajun Microwave is a cypress roasting box designed to cook large pieces of meat and other items, including whole roast pigs (the famous Cajun dish known as “conchon du’ lait”), turkeys, lamb, chickens, deer, beef, vegetables and other items. Above are Robert Moreau (the “crawfishguy” in background) and late friend Gary Groesch. To right, a 50 lb pig and two turkeys inside the standard 4’x2’ Cajun Microwave.

recipe for conchon du' lait
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For ordering and shipping, call Alvin Moreau @ 318-447-3197
For other questions call Robert Moreau@ 504.231.1067

This is a traditional Cajun cooking device originally designed as a "technological leap" over the outdoor open fire pit for cooking roast pig and other large pieces of meat.

How does it work?

The Cajun Microwave roasting box is just that: a roasting oven made of wood (cypress). Meat, vegetables and other items are placed inside the box on a metal grate that sits about one inch off the floor of the box. The heating source—which can be either charcoal or wood--is placed on top of the steel lid/ tray that covers the box, thereby heating the food items from above. Cooking temperature should range between 225 and 275 degrees farienheit. This type of intense heat in an enclosed cypress box results in a very crispy outside skin and very juicy inside meat. All grease drips towards one end of the box and out through two holes in the floor (use a catch pan to eliminate any mess). The floor can be lined with heavy duty tin foil before each use (minimizing the cleaning needed). If the box does get grease on it, simply wash out with hot soapy water and let dry. Rub the steel tray and grate down with oil after each use and store entire unit in a dry place. Options include a stainless steel lid and extension frame (increases depth of box by ~8i nches; should only be used when cooking very thick pieces of meat). Accessories, which can be purchased at your local hardware store, include a grill that sets on top of the lid for cooking burgers, hot dogs, chickens, etc. (so you can utilize the heat for such items while cooking meat inside the box as well), a charcoal ligher starter, and an ash removal tool to help manage ash in the lid.

Tax rate is 9% for in-state sales.

Give Robert a call for more information at 504-231-1067
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The Cajun Microwave!

A Contented Family

Inside view of Cajun Microwave Cooking Box

Rob's cousin Mark Sayes and his dog Blue early one Sunday morning cooking with the Cajun Microwave Roasting Box!
Rob's cousin Mark Sayes and dog Blue early one Sunday morning using the Cajun Microwave!

Some yummy pork pieces being roasted in the Cajun Microwave Roasting Box!
Some pork roasting inside of the Cajun Microwave Roasting Box.
ORDERING AND PICK-UP/DELIVERY INFORMATION                                                                                To order direct, contact my dad, Alvin Moreau, at either (318)-253-6776 (hm) or (318)447-3197 (cell). His address, where you pick your microwave up, is 157 Johnson Road, Marksville, LA, 71351 (click here for directions). He is your point person—also check with him on shipping/delivery options. Check, money order or cash required in advance (no credit cards taken) unless other arrangements are made with Alvin ahead of time.
For other questions or information about the microwaves, or to report good or bad news on them, contact Robert Moreau, President and Owner; Louisiana Cajun Crawfish, Inc.  ( at (504)-231-1067. My address is 430 Hillary Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118 for any written correspondence. Visit our website if you are also interested in having us cater your special event or participate in your festival, or to see what other local (and useful) cultural items from Louisiana we may for sale.

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